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Real Audio Recordings

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  • play measures in loop
  • create your own count off
  • optimize your technique & interpretation with “constant” and “expressive” versions of the pieces
  • pianists: practice left / right hand separately

13Instruments available

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When music meets technology!

FAMES Orchestra

Created in 2007, the orchestra, known as FAME’S orchestra, has participated in over 2000 international recording projects since its creation. The orchestra, soloists and choir have an extraordinary experience in every possible recording style.

Recording Studio

POPSCORD’S recording stage opened its doors in October 2017. With its perfect acoustics, the studio can accommodate recording sessions that range from solo recordings to full orchestra sessions.


Owner of its own music production facility
and integrated development team in house,
POPSCORD is working daily on
developing new features able to adapt
the practice of instrument with new
devices and an innovative
digital environment.

They use POPSCORD every day

Kim Shelley

Violin, England

“Thanks to you, Popscord team, I have a great orchestra in my living room, whenever I want and I almost feel like I am on stage 🙂 the sound is incredible, I even listen to the scores at night without my instrument. This App helps me evolve so THANK YOU!”

Yasmin Caldeson

Cellist, Spain

“Popscord even convinced me to buy an iPad after trying it at a friend’s house. I was so impressed ! I understood right away the functionalities and the options, so congratulations, it’s exactly the App I was looking for since long time ! I’ve been a cellist for 13 years, I was looking for an application that allows me to have my scores with me at all times in order to work on my classics, I love it ! Keep it up!”

Pierre Zimmerman

Pianist, 42 years, France

“I use Popscord for my piano practice and my 9 year old son for his clarinet lessons at the Academy with his teacher. The catalog is really well supplied and I love making my notes on the scores, it help me a lot.”

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Enjoy 1 month free trial access

(no credit card required)

Are you a music teacher or a music school?
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